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Posted by phpVMS Installer on 07/21/2017

Welcome to Jazeera VA

Jazeera Virtual is the leading Lowfare virtual airline in the Middle-East member of IVAO - Kuwait Division. Our main hub is in Kuwait Int. AirportĀ 

We operate lowfare scheduled flights to a variety of a destinations in the Middle-East, North Africa, and Asia, however we are simulating real life flying ops. in IVA network using flight simulator platforms.

Our Flights

Va Logo Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
JZR902Jamal NadeemOKBKUBBBA320-21402.20.35-140 ft/mAccepted
JZR513Mohammad AlQadeeriHESHOKBKA320-21402.18.40-94 ft/mAccepted
JZR512Mohammad AlQadeeriOKBKHESHA320-21402.49.05-131 ft/mAccepted
JZR143Tareq AlattarOTHHOKBKA320-21401.35.01-131 ft/mAccepted
JZR142Tareq AlattarOKBKOTHHA320-21401.23.06-131 ft/mAccepted
JZR257Tareq AlattarOLBAOKBKA320-21403.02.13-351 ft/mAccepted
JZR266Tareq AlattarOKBKOLBAA320-21403.26.10-103 ft/mAccepted
JZR777Tareq AlattarOEJNOKBKA320-21401.58.29-185 ft/mAccepted
JZR776Tareq AlattarOKBKOEJNA320-21402.30.14-87 ft/mAccepted
JZR144Tareq AlattarOKBKOTHHA320-21401.30.20-140 ft/mAccepted

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Pilots: 18
Total Airline Hours: 2,179
Flights: 1,097
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 651,688
Aircraft: 8
Passengers: 158,082
Routes: 69

Newest Pilots

JZR2162 Abdulrhman Alshmmri
JZR2160 Danny Supriyadi
JZR2159 Sultan Almutairi
JZR2158 Mohamed Ekram
JZR2086 Abdulwhab Khalifa

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